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  • Martina Shindelus, Esq.

    Dr. DeMaria was very responsive and helpful in a slip and fall defense case. His detailed report and excellent deposition testimony helped achieve a favorable settlement.

    Martina Shindelus, Esq. Law Offices of Elizabeth Mikesell
    Employees of Liberty Mutual Group
  • Zachariah B. Parry, Esq.

    Dr. Joseph DeMaria assisted me in a complex treadmill case. After his inspection, he did independent research to find credible statistics specific to my case. His report in turn was well reasoned, persuasive, and became integral to a successful settlement.

    Dr. De Maria understands that ultimately, injury cases are about safety.

    Zachariah B. Parry, Esq. Parry & Pfau
  • John T. Wendland, Esq.

    As a firm whose client was facing a seven figure loss of appendage case, we needed at Tier 1 construction safety expert to counter the allegations of negligence. Dr. DeMaria’s expertise and first class service allowed us to eviscerate the allegations and ultimately secure a resolution less than 1% of the claimed damages.

    We would highly recommend the retention of Dr. DeMaria as a safety engineering expert for any high value and risk action.

    John T. Wendland, Esq. Weil & Drage, APC
  • David J. Martin, Esq.

    I retained Dr. DeMaria and Americana Safety in a raised threshold trip and fall case. His report, summary of regulatory violations and deposition were well received by the mediator. Opposing counsel took an even weaker position that their client did not have notice of the difference in floor elevation, which was also an ADA violation, than they had previously.

    I highly recommend Dr. DeMaria and Americana Safety.

    David J. Martin, Esq. Henness & Haight, Injury Attorneys
  • Daral B. Mazzarella, Esq.

    I engaged Dr. DeMaria and Americana Safety in a case involving injury at a mining site related to "house keeping" issues and a dangerously slippery substance that was allowed to persist on the ground around the site, ultimately resulting in a fall which caused serious injury to my client.

    I found Dr. DeMaria to be highly knowledgeable regarding the various issues presented. More importantly, he was readily accessible, promptly returned phone calls, met all deadlines imposed, and went out of his way to identify issues and considerations I may have missed without his knowledge and insight. I would recommend him without hesitation, and will seek his advise on cases in the future.

    Daral B. Mazzarella, Esq. Law Offices of Daral B. Mazzarella, APC
  • Jay A. Kenyon, Esq.

    I used Dr. DeMaria and Americana Safety as a consultant and then as a litigation expert in a complex case with several issues involving OSHA, workplace customs and practice, and failures to warn. Dr. DeMaria was able to evaluate voluminous documents and not only provide very strong testimony, but assisted my firm in developing powerful cross-examination for the other side's experts, and overall case strategy.

    Dr. DeMaria provided very quick turn-around time in preparing reports and answering our questions. I absolutely recommend Dr. DeMaria and Americana Safety.

    Jay A. Kenyon, Esq. Yan Kenyon Law Firm
  • Bradley L. Booke, Esq.

    Anyone who has been in a busy litigation practice knows the critical importance of clear, candid, no-frills, timely case assessment—whether it tells you what you want to hear or something else.

    Likewise, getting "outside-the-box" ideas and information can turn mediocre cases into valuable outcomes. Dr. DeMaria provides this help. I do not hesitate to recommend him.

    Bradley L. Booke, Esq. Moriarity, Badaruddin & Booke, LLC
  • Eric Dobberstein, Esq.

    I had used Dr. DeMaria's skills for a case involving a slip and fall at a local casino. I found his work ethic and report to be very helpful and would be sure to use him again for any premise liability cases in the future.

    Eric Dobberstein, Esq. McCullough, Dobberstein & Evans, Ltd.